Over The World - Living Together "

Photoproject by Natascha Auenhammer

The world - including our own small one - is constantly changing, with more and more people living in our European cities. Also many who come from elsewhere. In this project, the city of Vienna stands for multicultural coexistence of people of different origins, which is brought to life by about 500 different faces from all over the world. This promotes mutual understanding, because here the focus is on the human being.  The project "Over the world - Living Together" deals with the always current topic of integration, thus also symbolizing our world in transition. It is a photo-portrait series of people who, from all over the world, now live in Vienna. The diverse nationalities, cultures and religions are shown in a symbiosis with the urban background of the city of Vienna. The main focus is on the common international cooperation. Vienna as a "melting pot" gets thereby an "international face". In black-and-white photographs, Natascha Auenhammer shows a variety of people in a natural pose - unvarnished and everyday, just as it is possible to live and work together without prejudice. The range includes construction workers, messenger drivers, business people and local owners such as artists and the unemployed. Since xenophobia and racism are still an issue, the importance of this work is self-evident. The conclusion of this work is "double integration images" that show the typical city in which all portraits are integrated, as well as our goal Society should be. At first glance, you just see the Vienna picture. Only on closer inspection, the viewer opens up the actual content.

Prejudices are reduced only by encounters. Respect and tolerance towards others are foundations for lived integration. Meet, get to know each other, celebrate with each other. The artist continues to work on the project

If you are interested in all participants or in pictures, also on other subjects,  individually personal order possible, please contact:  zebralabor@chello.at oder  0043-699-1- 944 03 74